Is Delta-8 toxic?

Is Delta 8 poisonous? The question of whether delta-8 is poisonous or not has been asked by many patients. There are some people who believe that it is, and others who believe that it is not. The answer to this question is no and if you take just enough Delta-8 product for what ails you and have a medical professional supervise your usage, then no – delta-8 won’t harm you at all!

Delta-8 is a hemp cannabinoid compound that shares many of the same effects as THC and is safe for human consumption. Delta 8 interacts with a specific set of receptors in the body and mimics compounds that naturally occur there. Most evidence points to no measurable harm from consumption, and highs generally wear off within a few hours. Effects on the body from Delta 8 only happen after long-term use or usage habits.

When looking at delta-8, we see an opportunity to provide relief without creating dependence on our product or requiring long-term use like most prescription drugs do.

Delta-8 is a safe, natural alternative to THC for those who want the benefits of marijuana products without long term effects. The research and clinical trials have shown that it can be used as an effective treatment for anxiety, stress, chronic pain relief and other ailments with few side effects or risks.