Is THCP natural?

Many people are wondering if THCP is natural. The truth is that it’s not just one thing. There are two different types of THC, and the other substance in marijuana plants that also has chemical similarities to THC. Some research suggests that this other compound may be more beneficial for some medical conditions than pure THC, which can sometimes have adverse side effects such as anxiety or paranoia. So while we don’t know enough about cannabinoid compounds to say for sure what’s best for you, we do know that Delta-8 THC and CBD have been used medicinally throughout history, so there must be something good about them!

First isolated in 2019, THCP is a potent phytocannabinoid that has the same effects of THC. Large amounts of this substance are found in most cannabis strains. The Italian scientists in the new study have found two naturally occurring cannabinoids with seven ladder side chains. The first cannabinoid that they discovered is tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THCP), and the second one is cannabidiphorol (CBDP). Further pharmacological tests have shown that THCP binds to CB1 receptors over 30 times better than THC does.

THC acts similarly to THCP, but at lower doses (about half dose), and the concentration of THCP present in this variety is extremely low. It might not get you high enough- although it’s never been searched for in the plant. Through experimenting with the composition of THCP, a cannabis compound that is more effective than THC in sedating and relieving symptoms, scientists have theorized that other properties besides just the presence or absence of specific cannabinoids (ie. CBD) may help explain why different strains produce such different highs when consumed.